Monday, October 19, 2009

Two Cool Teens...... [ Atlanta Custom Photographer }

Ok, so these two were great! And it was a complete complement that their dad, who is a great photographer, hired me to do a session of his two gorgeous kids. This was a surprise for their mom; and I hear it was a hit!

I have nicknamed this location "Kudzu Alley"....for non-southerners; this "plant" takes over in the in covers entire trees, buildings, alleys. It is somewhat of a mutant monster bush....but makes for great photos... :-)

This was kind of this location downtown Atlanta, there was this little wooden tile way up high on a post; I guess there is this game world wide where people are given gps coordinates and they have to find these little is somewhat of a scavenger hunt!


  1. Aubry you have such a great eye for cool locations! great set!

  2. oh yeah! i'm sure it was a hit! all moms deserve awesome shots of their kids, especially teens! nice work, aubry!

  3. Such fun shots, I'm sure they will love these!

  4. Great shots Aubry, the colours the locations and the models!!! I'm sure everyone is thrilled with the results.