Monday, October 19, 2009

Two Cool Teens...... [ Atlanta Custom Photographer }

Ok, so these two were great! And it was a complete complement that their dad, who is a great photographer, hired me to do a session of his two gorgeous kids. This was a surprise for their mom; and I hear it was a hit!

I have nicknamed this location "Kudzu Alley"....for non-southerners; this "plant" takes over in the in covers entire trees, buildings, alleys. It is somewhat of a mutant monster bush....but makes for great photos... :-)

This was kind of this location downtown Atlanta, there was this little wooden tile way up high on a post; I guess there is this game world wide where people are given gps coordinates and they have to find these little is somewhat of a scavenger hunt!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Love...... [ Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer ]

.....a newborn's wrinkles on his back. The little flakes of skin in random spots. I love it when a newborn does a monster stretch and arches his back while reaching his little hands up to the sky. I love it when a 195 hour old baby is already so comfortable with his little family.

I love photographing newborns! :-)

This newborn was such a delight to photograph....after months of planning this session, it was so nice to finally meet this sweet family. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A John Deer Man...... [ Atlanta Custom Photographer ]

This little tyke was so adorable in his whole John Deer get up! He was so proud of all his trucks and tractors, I'll tell you what! When I see him again, I am going to record his cute southern drawl telling y'all to have a naahhce daaay! I loved this was hard to pick out my favorites to post here!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sweet Brothers.....!

These two sweetie pies are so precious....Mama, you are going to have your hands full in a couple of years with all the girlfriends! :-)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Hip Brother & Sister

These two kids were great........thanks for your patience you guys; your mom will love these! :-) Oh yeah. I swear you both should model for Gap. !!!

Awesome Kids and a Foxy Dog! [ children photographer Georgia ]

These kids are so cool; they are soooo full of personality! And they got along so well at our session! This is how brothers and sisters should play together. :-)

By the way, look for a photo of little miss sassy on my website; it is probably my favorite from the weekend! I can't show it here; I want it to be a surprise. :-)

Now this dog was the most well behaved dog! He was soooo good for his session! But I tell you what, when his mama ran out of treats, she tried to trick him into doing one more pose, but he KNEW she was out! He just looked at her and was like "whatever...... you aint foolin' me!"

Such a pretty dog.....I forget what breed he is. Brenda, post in the comments what he is!

Sisters and a "Model" Family......

These two sisters were great! So close in age and sooooo photogenic!

This family I have dubbed "Model Family", because, well.....all three of them could be models! I really enjoyed our session..... :-)

A Beautiful Couple..... [ Smyrna / Marietta Photographer ]

Congrats to E and guys make a gorgeous couple! I had fun at our session......enjoy this sneak peak!