Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Love...... [ Atlanta Newborn Baby Photographer ]

.....a newborn's wrinkles on his back. The little flakes of skin in random spots. I love it when a newborn does a monster stretch and arches his back while reaching his little hands up to the sky. I love it when a 195 hour old baby is already so comfortable with his little family.

I love photographing newborns! :-)

This newborn was such a delight to photograph....after months of planning this session, it was so nice to finally meet this sweet family. Enjoy your sneak peek!


  1. Seriously so adorable. I love that open mouth sleeping in the first one! Great photos Aubry!

  2. Goodness these are too cute! Look at that luscious little mouth in the first! Love it!
    Good job!

  3. What a sweet little love! Great job capturing that newborn stage that passes so quickly!

  4. Oh, such a beautiful newborn. Beautiful work, love the first one - seems so peaceful.