Thursday, October 1, 2009

Awesome Kids and a Foxy Dog! [ children photographer Georgia ]

These kids are so cool; they are soooo full of personality! And they got along so well at our session! This is how brothers and sisters should play together. :-)

By the way, look for a photo of little miss sassy on my website; it is probably my favorite from the weekend! I can't show it here; I want it to be a surprise. :-)

Now this dog was the most well behaved dog! He was soooo good for his session! But I tell you what, when his mama ran out of treats, she tried to trick him into doing one more pose, but he KNEW she was out! He just looked at her and was like "whatever...... you aint foolin' me!"

Such a pretty dog.....I forget what breed he is. Brenda, post in the comments what he is!


  1. Once again, great lighting on these, what gorgeous subjects and a cute dog!

  2. I LOVE these and totally agree the subjects are the cutest (but of course they are mine!) Can't wait to see the rest!!!!!

  3. AWWW, you did beautiful on these! I just love your blog!