Monday, February 23, 2009

Book now!

For all of those out there that are clients, or have referred clients to me THANK YOU! I really appreciate your enthusiasm about my business and I hope that you have been happy with your photos! Capturing your kids in portraits is what I love to do!

I have a couple open sessions left in March and a couple in April, so book now if you would like to take advantage of your session fee being waved. (and also take advantage of outside sittings in the spring!) Starting March 15th, I will be starting a special for a couple of months to celebrate my **new website** (which is coming SOON!) A $75 sitting fee with $25 of that going towards a print purchase.

I will also be launching new products with my website: session peek books, grease boards, greeting cards (announcements), leather albums and more.

It's been a long, productive winter, but man, am I ready for spring! Before I sign off, I just have to add one more of little her name by the way. Rooooooxanne......!


  1. Awwww look at that sweet grin! What a pretty baby!! Love the pic!

  2. Roxy's mammaw thinks you are a fantastic photographer. Keep the pics coming as Indiana is a long way from Atlanta!